myWebsite – Yachting Australia website service

Available to Affiliated Class Associations, Affiliated Clubs, Yachting Australia Training Centres and Members of Affiliated Clubs.

While many clubs, classes and centres have setup websites, quite often they fall into 'disrepair' after the initial enthusiasm disappears or the person with the technical skills decides to move on. This can lead to a static site and a dwindling audience. A website supplied by Yachting Australia requires no specialist hardware or software, everything is taken care of by the service provider - Fox Sports Pulse. Fox Sports Pulse is a leading provider of web-solutions for sporting organisations. In Australia and New Zealand alone Fox Sports Pulse has an extensive network of business relationships across multiple sports, including:

  • 25 national governing bodies
  • 3700+ leagues/associations
  • 30,000+ clubs
  • 180,000+ teams
  • 3 million sports participants

Benefits of a Yachting Australia Hosted Website:

  • It’s secure:  Hosted offsite and backed up, there is a central point where all essential information about your website is stored;
  • It’s easy to use: The Content Management System (CMS) - how you load articles and photos, is easy to use and suitable for anyone who can operate a basic program;
  • Training and support: Fox Sports Pulse provide a range of online learning resources and support. Full support is also available from your State Association;
  • It’s very affordable: Only $200 plus GST per year for everything except your domain name registration. If you have an existing domain name it can be transferred;
  • Great features and functionality: The functionality and features available will make your website more effective in communicating with your members;
  • Customisable and flexible options: It’s easy to tailor your website to meet your needs by changing layout and colour schemes, page headers, menus, sections and widgets etc…

Examples of websites using the service provided by Yachting Australia:

Manly Junior Association

Black Rock Yacht Club


The fee for a website supplied by Yachting Australia is $200 + GST per year. This fee will be charged from the month you commence using the website. Yachting Australia will invoice website users annually.

How to Proceed

To get set up with a website through the Yachting Australia website service, simply fill out a product enquiry form (selecting 'Standard web & mobile sites' as the product) or contact your State Association. Once your new website has been set up, you can refer to the website starters guide to help get you up and running.