Welcome to mySailor

Access mySailor here

mySailor is an online tool for individual members to update and manage their member profiles.

Every member wanting to access their mySailor profile will need to follow the steps below on their first visit, to be provided with a password to allow access to their mySailor profile.

* Please Note: At this stage anyone who has completed a course in myCentre but is not a member of a Club will not be able to access a mySailor profile. 

* For those wanting to find a SSSC Qualified Sailor please click here.   

  • Access mySailor
  • The system will ask members to sign in with their email address and password. No information should be entered into these fields (even if you have provided your email address previously). Members need to click on the ‘Forgot’ button as highlighted below:

mySailor Forgot

  • Members will be asked to enter their email address in order to retrieve their password. The email address needs to be the same as the primary email address listed in the member’s profile.  An email will be sent to that email address advising the member of their new password. This password can be changed by the member as required in the mySailor system.

mySailor Forgot Password

  • If a member doesn’t have an email address listed in their record after August 4, they will have to contact their club administrator in order to populate their record with an email address and then go through this process to have a password allocated.
  • After a member has completed this process to retrieve a password for the new mySailor system, they can then access mySailor at any time using their email address and password to login.

mySailor Dashboard

Personal details can be accessed through mySailor, so it is important to keep your login details private. You can change your password in the mySailor facility, once you have logged on the first time.

For further information, please contact your State Association:

State Name email Phone Number
ACT Matt Owen (02) 6273 4777
NSW Brian Chalmers (02) 8073 4900
NT Claire Hall (08) 8985 5914
QLD Alison Turner (07) 3393 6788
SA Emma Short (08) 8346 1934
TAS Richard McMinn 0498 44 88 15
VIC Sam Watson (03) 9597 0066
WA Dean Caple (08) 9386 2438